Try These 7 Hacks to Give a Boost to Your Website Ranking in 2021

Hacks to Boost Website Ranking

Today, I’m going to show you 7 hacks to give a boost to your website ranking in 2021 and beyond.

Try these hacks to get a higher website ranking.

Website rankings make a huge difference when it comes to improving sales conversion.

It expands server traffic, maximizes user interaction, and improves your credibility as a seller.

Simultaneously, once you are near the top, all your online activities make a significant impact.

Your content, postings, promos, seasonal releases, and new additions, everything gets noticed by consumers.

And that is why businesses rely on it and adopt various tactics to ensure that they use them to their advantage.

The only challenge here is the crowded competition, as every business attempts to emerge out on top.

People often find it difficult even while using the tried and tested methods to achieve this feat.

Some end up with negative feedback against marketing activities, while others continue to benefit from it.

Luckily, for times like these, we have you covered.

If you want to give a boost to your website ranking over a short span, you can try these hacks.

You might already know a couple of them, so try and focus on the ones you haven’t used already.

Hopefully, you will start seeing the results soon.

7 Hacks to Give a Boost to Your Website Ranking


1. Building Link Profile

A common practice to boost rankings on Google is to build your link profile.

It refers to earning the author’s credibility and respect for your page.

The better your scores on this scale are, the higher you are going to rank.

You can find various link building strategies online that can help you in this area.

Link Building

Most of them encourage the regular posting of new, unique, and interactive content to engage users.

Some of them even advise raising the subject relevant to your business on various threads and forums.

That will inform the community of your work and make them use it for reference purposes.

All these things help with building your link profile and raising your ranks.

2. Improving Website Functionality

Your website’s performance is also a factor that determines your standing on the search results.

If you have used bad lines of coding and your page is difficult to read for bots, it’s not getting the top ranks.

Similarly, if you haven’t planned its navigation, the user experience gets compromised.

People will find it challenging to find the necessary information and might not prefer your website.

If that happens, your page won’t be amongst the search engine’s favorite picks.

That is why you need to work on improving the functionality of your website.

Once that is done, you can expect to rise through the ranks with ease.

3. Optimize your Content

A great website with great content might do well but can fall short of your expectations.

Reason? The things you are uploading on your page might not be optimized.

There are numerous ways to optimize the content of your page.

Content Optimization

Keywords, captions, meta tags, transcriptions, image size, all of these things, and more can help to achieve that.

You can find various SEO tools that allow you to optimize your page this way.

All you need to do is find an area where you think you can use their assistance, and you will have a series of options and alternatives to improve it.

4. Acknowledge User Search Intent

Sometimes, you don’t need something superficial or extraordinary to work the magic.

Just making sure that your website considers your users’ needs and interests a priority should do the trick.

Try to understand the reason for your users to search for your products, services, or content.

If you can identify their intents and address their real concerns through your work, you have done plenty to boost your rankings.

Users appreciate specific details and particular responses to their problems as compared to reading long passages.

Besides, it’s a much quicker way to complete a sale when you highlight your selling point.

5. Limit On-site Ads

Ads are great when you wish to earn a little from your website by marketing someone else’s business.

But, if they are damaging your ranking and compromising your website’s performance, it is best to reconsider if you should keep them.

Sometimes you neglect the placement or the effect that the ad is causing on your website.

The result of that is your content or item of interest gets sidelined.

The users genuinely interested in learning more about your business get frustrated from them and might turn away instead.

It might prove costly, as your numbers can decline drastically over time.

That’s why you need to make sure that it’s not the case.

6. Introduce a Mobile-Friendly Interface

Websites were intended for use on desktop devices, but that’s no longer the case.

The digital revolution and the age of smartphones have made portable devices the source of a large portion of user traffic online.

It means that the chances of your users interacting with your website from mobile devices are considerably higher.

With that in mind, search engine rankings get affected if your website doesn’t have a mobile-friendly interface.

The pages with these features get preferences, and even users enjoy what they experience.

That is why, if you don’t already have a version supporting access through smartphones, you need to get onto it ASAP.

7. Get Listed Locally

If you aren’t registered on Google already, you might be missing out on a lot of local attention.

Getting listed locally helps Google identify the credibility of your business and sends more users your way.

Whenever someone searches for anything relevant to your business close by, you can expect to be among the top suggestions.

That is an excellent source for more Google reviews and visits to your workplace, which, in turn, will give your search engine rankings a boost.


These were few hacks that can boost your website ranking if you are willing to try them out.

Hopefully, you will start noticing the intended results before you know it.

Remember to try various combinations of these tips and tricks to maximize the effect and make it as effective as possible.


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