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15 Effective Email Marketing Tips to Focus On in 2020

Email Marketing Tips

Looking for email marketing tips that can take your email campaigns to the next level in 2020?

Then this post will unravel some of the top hacks that pro email marketers use for optimizing conversions of their campaigns.

We all know that marketing is a way to get people to know about the products and services being sold by a company.

It includes advertising, digital marketing, exhibitions, social media marketing, and email marketing.

Email marketing is an exemplary proposal to reach the client base and new customers without spending too much money.

This is a powerful way to connect with the users of the products and services.

It is the right way of reaching the target audience and proves to be very personal.

It is a complicated method and has a lot of parameters to follow, such as list building, copywriting, measurement, etc.

There is always something to improve on and learn.

Marketers and businesses may find it challenging to keep up because they have time constraints.

Email marketing tips, along with actionable advice, help to formulate and implement the strategies correctly.

15 Email mail marketing tips should be followed to ensure the emotional effect of the recipients:


1) Catchy Email Subject Lines

As per research, “33% of email recipients open an email based on the subject line alone”.

A few testers on an excellent subject line are as follows-

  • Test the subject line before you send the email out.
  • The email, if received from an actual person, has a higher chance of being opened, than if from a brand or company.
  • Use power words in the subject line and make it more personalized.
  • People believe in statistics and numbers. If this is incorporated into a subject line, it increases the chances of the email being opened.
  • Avoid using an all-caps subject line and use of emoji.

Power Words for Email Subject Line

Image Source: CoSchedule

There are few free email subject line generator tools available online.


2) Cliffhangers are Exciting

Using cliffhanger techniques of copywriting for your subject lines can be highly beneficial here.

Subject lines are meant to be kept a little intriguing.

It increases the need for the recipients to open the email and read further.

It helps in hooking the email subscribers on to the subject lines.

Use old copywriting methods to bring the cliffhangers into the subject lines.

Using cliffhangers is the most obvious of creating curiosity and getting the subscribers to open the mail.

The incomplete subject lines make the reader curious.

It is one of the most important email marketing tools.


3) Double Opens Strategy

This strategy entails the process of sending the same email to the subscribers who did not open that email when it was sent the first time.

The only variation is that the subject line associated with the email is different.

The new subject line should be catchier, learn to optimize the text for a preview.

It should be sent after a few days, and the send time should also be paid attention to.

Resending the same email to the non-openers will increase the company’s ROI and open rates.


4) Enticing Preview Text

A preview text is something that gives the subscriber or reader a preview of the rest of the email.

Since it is barely even a complete sentence, it has to catch the attention of the reader so that they open the email and indulge in the contents.

The preview text has to be utilized effectively to increase the opening rates of the email.

Preview Text in Email Marketing

That is the only way the strategy of email marketing will be successful.

Marketers ignore this space, which leads to an enormous loss of prospective clients.

The preview text should be such that it works as a complementary dialogue to the subject line.

It has to be given the same attention as the subject as it is equally important.

A well-crafted preview text brings in a lot of email openers.


5) Call to Action

This term is widely used in the marketing and advertising world.

It usually refers to a device that prompts immediate or bolsters sales.

A good marketer concentrates on all the aspects required to improve email marketing.

Not only do they pay attention to a catchy subject line and preview text, but they also implement crafty CTAs.

The CTAs allow the email subscribers to click and get redirected to the brand/ organization website.

Marketing campaigns may get better with the help of this.

Everyone likes reading things which have some intrigue.

As long as the CTA is designed in a way to hook the reader, email marketing will be successful.

You may add CTAs at-

  • Inline Text
  • Header Graphic
  • Conclusion CTA Button


6) Trim the Subject Line to Fit Well with Mobile Devices

The subject line is essential. It has to be worded correctly and should also not be too long.

The longer the subject line, the drearier the reader finds it.

If the subject line is kept concise, it sends across the statement quicker and efficiently.

Just like a catchy tag line draws in customers to buy different products, a memorable subject line changes a subscriber into an email opener.

Tag lines are famous because of their ability to express emotion in few words.

The subject line of an email should have the same connotation.

This feature is also essential as most of the emails are opened on the mobile phone.

The screen is smaller, and hence, it makes it more important.

Even stats affirm that more than 51% of emails are opened on Smartphones.

Key tips that will help you trim your subject lines are-

  • Adept use of copywriting
  • Using symbols, numbers, and emoji
  • Offering personalization


7) Frequent or Too Frequent

The company should make sure their presence is felt by sending the right amount of emails.

If they get regular, it tends to bother them, and they may mark the emails as spam.

It is the one thing the marketers aim to avoid.

Email marketing depends on the fact that the recipients open them.

Every subscriber has their limits, and if the emails start bothering them, there will be consequences.

Too many emails, irrelevant content, impersonal emails are a few reasons the subscribers have for flagging the emails as spam.

Capping the email frequencies prevents them from being sent into the spam folder.

It is a feature that allows the receiver to get only a few emails over a specified period.


8) Add a PostScript

In case you have something additional to share with the email recipient, it should be directed in the “P.S.” section.

Usually, newsletters include various links to thought-provoking content in the email.

Adding a postscript directs the reader to one location.

They can add links to related articles, blog posts, company news, and upcoming events that may be relevant or recent announcements made by the company.

In the below-given example, you can see how adeptly sender has utilized the postscript section to highlight different speaking engagements-

Use Postscript in Emails

By opting for this strategy, you won’t be deviating your readers from the CTAs, plus you will also pull in them towards other important stuff that you want to promote.


9) Customer is King, So Offer Them Value

Email marketing is just the online version of advertising and promoting the company and its products and services.

The customer/ recipient’s needs always have to be fulfilled first.

No reader wants to listen to a brand which only talks about themselves.

If the brand helps the people to solve problems, they are the ones that get priority.

The email should aim at making a connection between the product enhancement and tangible customer benefit.

It is important that what you are selling is worth the time of your readers.

Your email should put the reader first and should clearly tell how your service or product would benefit them.

So, you should have a tone in which priority is given to the benefits that readers will get and not the services that you offer.

Selling benefits will be more productive than selling features.


10) Maintain a Theme in Email and Landing Page

The subject line and the landing page of the email should have the relevancy.

If the subject line is exciting, and email does not live up to the expectations, it causes the readers to lose their faith.

Email marketers should strive to make sure the experience is consistent, from the subject line to the landing page.

Similar themes help in maintaining the same feeling.

It allows the customers to see a pattern and trust the email sender.

It also plays a key role in lead generations and conversions for you.


11) Maintain Email Lists

Most marketers focus on increasing their emailing list.

The energy should be directed to those subscribers already on their agenda instead of including those people whose inbox you may never reach.

One of the essential tips of email marketing is that you have to differentiate the good subscribers from the bad ones.

It affects the reputation as well as long term deliverability.

It is never advised to opt for the paid email list, as most of these people are liable to unsubscribe your emails.


12) Develop a Brand Voice

To be distinctive, there has to be something that sets you apart from the rest.

A unique brand voice makes the email stand out in a sea of promotional and marketing emails.

Develop a Brand Voice

The brand voice can have various tones such as quirky, irreverent, passionate, or authentic.

It should match the vibe of the brand for the customers to believe it.

Establishing an effective and credible brand voice helps brands in widening their reach, generating leads and boosting conversions in more rapid fashion.


13) Primetime Emails

There are specific times at which emails may get the highest traffic.

This primetime emailing boosts the email opening rates and hence improves the email marketing strategies.

Best Time to Send Emails

Image Source: CoSchedule

The best time for organizations to use their email marketing is 10 a.m., 8 p.m., or 2 p.m.

The right days for sending emails are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.


14) Opt for Automation Wherever It is Needed

You should be automating your email marketing efforts.

It is quite effective in sending action or time-triggered emails to your subscribers by including some of the most relevant and valuable information.

It is also quite effective in developing a relationship with your customers and prospects.

Email automation plays a key role in delivering the right content at the right time to the right people.

It ensures better responsiveness as well.

Automation of emails also plays a significant role in ensuring effective brand recognition.

SEO Basics recommends Constant Contact for email automation.

Disclosure: I earn a commission from Constant Contact if you use my referral link to make a purchase at no extra cost to you.

Some other email marketing automation tools for you are-


15) Pay Heed to A/B Testing

When running an email marketing campaign, it is important that you get the expected outcomes.

For ensuring this, it is always suggested to opt for testing.

To send the right message to the inbox of your prospect, A/B testing your headlines and copy is important.

A/B Testing in Email Marketing Campaign

Image Source: Omnisend

Other components such as pictures, deliverability, etc. should also be tested.

Opting for regular A/B Testing is going to be highly useful for you in running conversion-driven email marketing campaigns.

You can use A/B testing upon From Line, Subject Line, Preview Text, Call to Action, Email Copy, etc.

By using this, you will find out the most effective and productive copy of an email campaign that will convince readers to perform the desired action.


In Conclusion

Just like everything in the world is evolving and changing, so are the email marketing strategies.

It has changed and improved significantly.

The techniques that worked in the past may not work now, and what works now may not work in the future.

Constant adaptation to the customers and their views, thoughts improves the chances of the email marketing strategy to be successful.

The marketers should keep in mind previous mistakes, avoid them, and this will allow them to convert subscribers into customers.

Marketing is an art, and good marketing creates masterpieces.

The marketers have to make sure that the emails are targeting what the audience wants to hear and not what the company wants to tell them.

By keeping this mind, this marketing avenue will maximize benefits.

How effective do you consider the aforementioned email marketing tips in connecting with our prospects and converting them?

Did we miss any of the email marketing tips that you used?

Share your views with us in the comments below.


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