10 Facebook Ads Trends That You Should Follow in 2020

Facebook Ads Trends

In today’s post, I’m going to show you the 10 latest Facebook ads trends.

I’m sure after following these Facebook ads trends, you can get higher ROI from Facebook advertising.

So let’s start without further ado.

Facebook ads are an effective way to link to the customers on the largest social network in the world.

The ever-changing Facebook algorithm can pose a challenge for communicating with fans organically.

But the micro-targeting features of Facebook let you hit your target audience precisely.

That means that Facebook advertising will take your message to the people who most likely want your product/services.

Facebook ads are perfect for your budget, the rate of conversion, and the return on investment.

You pay only for access to the most desirable potential customers.

For best results, it’s essential to understand the various types of Facebook ads trends and targeting options before you start to invest.

60% of social marketers agree that Facebook is the most powerful social media channel they use.

Keeping this in mind, let us take a look at 10 Facebook Ads trends to keep in mind before formulating an advertising strategy.


10 Latest Facebook Ads Trends That You Should Follow in 2020


1. Optimize Ads for Mobile App

94% of advertisement revenue from Facebook comes from smartphones.

The number remains steady even with an aging Facebook population.

The problem is that consumers deal with mobile ads differently.

Their concentration time is shorter.

Facebook found that, on average, users spend 1.7 seconds on a smartphone compared to 2.5 seconds on a laptop with a piece of content.

Optimize Ads for Mobile App

In order to capture more of the visitors’ attention, you can start with showing immediate details about the brand, let your product or service stand out for the majority of the ad, ail your main message primarily, and keeping it short and straightforward even without audio.

Make the most of the vertical screen space by making 9:16 video advertisements.

And it is now easier than ever to format your video ads to suit the vertical screen space, with the automatic cropping feature in Ads Manager, where our scene detection technology determines the focal point of a non-vertical video on a frame-by-frame basis and automatically crops the video to the aspect ratio.


2. Facebook Stories and Ads Go Well Together

The feature of the Stories has taken over every site.

You won’t lose your content after 24 hours with Facebook’s Stories ads.

Moreover, unlike daily videos, people on Facebook stories listen to the audio.

However, users of Facebook absorb stories faster than other forms of content.

Facebook Stories and Ads Go Well Together

Get the most out of Stories ads by adding an emotionally compelling message to your story at the outset.

Then add music or voice-over for plot enhancement.

Using a vertical full-screen interface of both video and static images for better performance.

Story-based ads have proven to generate successful business results.

In the Ipsos survey, 62% of people said that after seeing it in a story, they were more interested in a brand or product.

And brands testing ads for Facebook stories already see results.


3. Lead Form Advertisement

Facebook lead type ads are a perfect way to connect to your audience or get your email subscribers back on board.

For example, by re-targeting them with a lead type ad, you can request previous Facebook contest participants to send you a summary or sign-up for your email newsletter.

Or in Messenger, use the Facebook lead type ads.

Lead Form Advertisement

Doing so provides more chances for delivering leads to high quality and establishing a relationship with your fans.

Facebook Lead Advertising allows users to remain on the site to apply their lead form.

Instead of sending users to an external landing page, prospects will access the deal without ever leaving the Facebook app that is crucial to growing conversions.

This means you can grab lead information from the Facebook platform and avoid the user being discord with a longer click-through route.


4. Re-targeting With Facebook Ads

One of the Facebook Advertising trends is re-targeting users who view your videos.

If your viewer does so before clicking through three seconds of your video ad or live stream, consider re-targeting them with a Facebook ad.

Viewers get an idea of the target in those few seconds.

But it looks familiar to a well-placed ad.

But with your first re-targeted ad, don’t sell out.

Re-targeting With Facebook Ads

Instead, supply a second video or piece of content which adds value.

Further, segment your audience into a lead magnet or landing page.

You can do this by directing highly engaged viewers especially the ones who watched a higher percentage of your video).

More often than not, purchasing decisions take time, especially for big purchases such as software or real estate.

But the odds of them changing their minds are better by telling them frequently what they are unsure about.

This is why you should plan to run retargeting ads, whatever the nature of your sector.


5. Short Video Ads

Videos are more common than ever before.

Watching videos is a simple and passive activity on Facebook.

It’s a smart way to pause scrolling, too.

However, when watching videos 85% of people don’t use music.

You can increase viewing time by as much as 12% by adding captions to your video content.

Short Video Ads

Short Video Ads with Captions are one of the most influential Facebook Ads trends.

A survey by HubSpot found that 54% of people wanted to see more video content from a brand or organization they support.

Normally most customers just read between 20% and 28% of the words on your page, and it’s no wonder that four times as many consumers would prefer to watch a video about your product rather than read it.


6. Customized Facebook Ads

Another Facebook Ads trends are the customization of advertisements.

Your chances of commercial success are improved for both custom and lookalike audiences.

Upgrade to existing clients, engage your email subscribers, or extend your scope by creating a lookalike audience.

But don’t blast out the same commercial on your list to anyone.

Established customers would want more detail about new items, similar to those they had previously purchased.

However, there might be chances that some of your new fans might need a giveaway of freebie or details on your services.

Broaden the scope of your ad by reaching people who share common characteristics with those who are already engaged with your business page.

A lookalike audience lets you discover people that are involved in similar services or goods.


7. Facebook Messenger Ads

Messenger advertisements offer a major marketing tool.

Facebook says, “People get 20 billion messages from businesses every month”.

Yet, without a good reason, you can’t just leap into somebody’s private messaging room.

This is one of the most effective Facebook advertising trends in terms of conversion.

Using Messenger ads instead to reach people who have viewed your video advertising for a few seconds.

Facebook Messenger Ads

Or consider adding a pixel to your shopping cart or FAQ accounts on Facebook.

This way, you can send a message to customers if they close your web page without having to make a purchase or answer their questions.

Customer service is switching to messaging.

If you don’t use a live chat service in any way, shape, or type, you’re at risk of missing out on conversions.

And it’s no secret that reacting to a possible lead will only improve the chances of completing a deal faster.


8. Facebook Search and Placement

Facebook keeps upgrading its ad site with a range of new formats.

It recently revealed that advertisements in Facebook’s search results will be open to more companies, after testing search advertising for around a year.

Search ads are similar to Google ad placement.

Search ads are a perfect way to draw those who want to buy now because 15% of Facebook users do shopping on the app.

This has been one of the influential Facebook Ads trends in recent times.

You can reach those users with a valid search ad at the right time.

Except that you can’t pick specific keywords that you want to advertise on Facebook.

Facebook searches the company page instead and takes out words and phrases.

So, updating your page to include terms for your items, services, and competitions or giveaways is essential.


9. Facebook Ads For Marketplace

Another of the Facebook Advertising trends is the application of Facebook ads in the marketplace feature.

Users on Facebook click on the tab to view marketplace products.

Facebook Ads for Marketplace

Placing advertising on the internet is a way of reaching an audience ready to make a purchase.

In addition, marketplace ads appear in the newsfeed too, so you get additional coverage.

Marketplace advertisements are a perfect example of purpose-based advertising, so design your ad accordingly.


10. Slideshow Facebook Ads

Though Facebook users love video, it’s costly to create video content and takes more time than other ad formats.

You are getting the best of both worlds with a slideshow ad.

You post photos of high quality, and the slideshow ad gives motion to your still photographs.

Facebook also notes that this ad format uses five times fewer data than usual video advertising.

To attain the most profit from this format you can use three to ten images, first display your best photo, insert overlays of text, and add music or other audio.



Facebook wants its advertisers to thrive so that they can continue to make more money.

Keeping in mind the above-mentioned Facebook Ads trends, you can make a suitable strategy.

That means better tools to increase the efficacy of marketing campaigns and offer marketers more opportunities to communicate with their target audience.

It’s a win-win, even though it doesn’t always sound that way.


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