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What is Chatbot: A Perfect Guide to Know Everything About Chatbot [2019]

What is Chatbot

Do you know what is chatbot? How it plays a key role in connecting, communicating and converting more number of site visitors?

For a very long time now, people have been trying to make some improvements to ease down the communications between human beings and computers.

Chatbot technology alleviates this process for businesses in the most interactive and conversion-oriented manner.

These are the bots which are being used by the different businesses and the companies which are located all over the world for the ease of tasking and interacting with people.

Chatbot Example

Let us provide you with an example right here.

Say that there is a banking company.

Chatbot Example

It will use the chatbot or the important virtual assistant in order to make sure their customers are able to interact and know about the services that they provide from the comfort of their homes.

Here we are going to discuss a little bit about the chatbots and how they are currently helping out the industry in the best way.

But before that, let us provide a little bit of an introduction to these amazing new technologies that we have discovered for the users.

What is Chatbot?

Before getting into the more important details such as the use and importance of chatbot, it is also important to know what this is in the first place.

So, here is a basic definition that is going to help you with understanding.

Well, the chatbot is basically just an artificial intelligence product or software which will be able to simulate a real-life conversation on the chat which happens between the user and the company.

There will be a use of the natural human languages and these chatbots play a key role in serving this purpose adeptly.

Most mobile applications, websites, and messaging applications are currently using this technology in order to increase the chances of communication with their clients and customers and that too in the best way without any trouble whatsoever.

The chatbots that we use are popular as the most advanced and high-tech expressions which can provide some promising results to the customers out there.

These bots are actually a great help when it comes to the interactions between computers and human beings.

However, if we look at it from a technological point, these chatbots are just the representation of the evolution that happened in the system of Questions and Answers using the Natural Language Processing or NLP.

The formulation of responses for different questions which customers ask in the natural languages is certainly a very common example of NLP.

So, there is no doubt that this chatbot is really an interesting thing that most people need to know about.

Here we are going to discuss a little bit more about these beauties.

What is Chatbot Technology?

There is no doubt that the internet has actually evolved a lot in the past few years and it is really making the tasks a bit easier for the people.

The different messaging platforms are also going in the particular same direction for sure.

Chatbots are the main example of such a technological advancement which allows the person to have interactions with the voice or the texts.

Businesses and site owners can also use chatbots for humor or to provide some important information regarding any particular product of the company.

For those people who need to find out some information regarding a service or a product that is provided by a company, the chatbots are the best help that they can get for sure.

There are many different types of chatbots that people can use such as the newsbots, banking bots, weather bots and so much more.

The technology that plays a significant role in the creation of these chatbots is Artificial Intelligence which makes it easier for people to have conversations with computers from all over the world.

Uses of Chatbots

Now that you know a little bit about the chatbots and the technology that is channelizing the functioning of these amazing things, it is not time to understand the importance of chatbots and how they industry has been incorporating them as well.

So, there is no doubt that you will also appreciate that chatbots are now being one of the primary players of the messaging platforms as well.

There are so many different artificial intelligence messaging apps which provide the advantage to the people so that they can have normal human conversations with these apps in the best way.

Businesses are also currently using the technology of chatbots in order to make sure that they are able to provide proper information to the customers about their services and products that they tend to offer a lot of them.

When the customers need to find some information regarding a particular product or service of the company, all they have to do is visit their website and talk with the chatbot in order to gain all the details that they want to know about.

One of the most important reasons why the chatbots are so popular these days is that these tend to excite the clients and the customers.

So, if you are using a particular chatbot for your website, then there is a chance that the conversion rates of your website will be much higher for sure.

This is one of the main reasons why most businesses these days tend to use these chatbots to have the best results.

One more thing to remember about these chatbots is that these aren’t here to replace the work that we people do.

Instead, these bots are actually here to make sure that the human interactions which are taking place become more convenient and productive over time.

Apart from that, the use of chatbot technology can make sure that the operation cost of the company is a lot less which is one of the best benefits that we could think of.

There is no doubt that the avenue of the company in terms of sales and marketing will also increase with the use of chatbots in the business.

Working of Chatbots

In order to understand the working process of the chatbots, there is one thing that you need to know and that is there are two different types of chatbots.

One is the kind that functions according to the rules which creators set and the other one that functions with the use of machine learning.

How Does Chatbot Work

1) Working of Chatbots Which Have Preset Rules

The chatbots that tend to function on the basis of the rules are the ones that have limited functionalities.

These are the ones that often have responses that are set according to the commands that they receive.

In case you say something wrong, they will not be able to understand what exactly you mean and that can create a problem for sure.

So, these bots are only smart when you program them that way.

2) Working of Chatbots with Artificial Intelligence

There is another type of chatbots that we are going to talk about and these are the ones which are currently using the help of Artificial Intelligence in the best way.

The Artificial Intelligence assistance in these bots makes sure that these are pretty smart and are able to use the help of machine learning.

So, the best thing about the amazing bot is that this will learn from the needs and requirements of the customers and then provide some amazing services to the clients.

These two types of chatbots work on different principles and hence are able to provide different types of services to those who are in the need for it.

When it comes to choosing between these two, the latter option is the one that is going to provide more benefits for sure.

After going through the working chatbot, next thing that you need to go through is the types of chatbots that businesses can use for connecting and converting your leads.

So, without any further ado, let us have a look upon those here and now-

Types of Chatbots

1. Scripted Chatbots

This is the first type of chatbot that needs your attention.

You must have found a certain type of chatbots that comprise predefined questions and answer.

Scripted Chatbot

Such chatbots offer a fixed number of options for each of the question, and user needs to give answers based upon those options.

Based on your responses, the site owner will gauge your inclinations and behavioral preferences.

However, these chatbots cannot handle ambiguity in your responses.

2. Intelligent Chatbots

The second type of chatbot is known as Intelligent Chatbots and they work through artificial intelligence technology.

Intelligent Chatbot

Because of AI, such chatbots can also give you responses and solutions of the non-standard question as well.

But with these chatbots, you will not be able to get the answers of graphical content.

3. Application Chatbots

Now comes the third type of chatbot which is Application Chatbot that can also offer the solution in a graphical interface.

Application Chatbot

So, if the user can provide a more proper answer using graphical content then this kind of chatbot would be the right pick for them.

What is Chatbot Development?

Another one of the most important things that people need to know about is the chatbot development.

It is very important for the creation of the chatbots that use the assistance of Artificial Intelligence, in order to perform well for the customers and the clients in the best way.

So, do you think you will be able to create amazing chatbots for your company?

To be honest, with the help of the right development techniques and help, there is no doubt that you will definitely be able to create the best of the chatbots for your business and other important tasks for sure.

In order to create the chatbots, you need to have a clear idea in your mind and then choose the server from which the chatbot will actually function.

After that, you also need to incorporate all the features and the services which would be provided to the chatbots which can help the clients in the best way.

This is one of the most important things to consider for sure.

Some of the best platforms that can help you in making the best chatbots for you are-

Some of the Best Platforms to Build Chatbot



In case you are looking for a platform that can help you build chatbot as per your personal requirements in quickest possible time then Bottr would be one of the best picks for you.

You can use it for creating chatbot for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

You can also embed your bot to your site.

It also allows you to add data from different resources.



This one is going to be one of the most powerful platforms for you to create your chatbot that will incorporate all the features of your need.

You can use it for collecting the information of the user via messenger forms that let users interact with the bots in a click.

It also helps you add content cards and share them with your audiences in an automated manner.

This enables you to get information in your messenger chats by using forms.



In case you are looking for a chatbot building platform that can help you create your chatbot using drag and drop templates then Botsify would be the right option for you.

With the help of some easy integrations such as smart AI, analytics integrations, plugins, machine learning and so on.

For the first bot, no fee will be taken from you.

Flow XO

Flow XO

In this platform, you will find out an easy to use visual editor.

This will let you create one bot that can be used on different platforms.

It comprises pre-build templates for you as well, plus it also offers around 100 integrations.


Artificial Intelligence is currently ruling the world and with the help of chatbots, there is no doubt that a new era is rushing towards the industry of business and applications.

If you want to be a part of this, it is time to look into the important chatbot technology.

For running a successful business on the web, use of chatbot has become necessary to connect and communicate with the right audiences.

How important do you consider chatbots for running your business?

Share your views with us in the comments below.


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