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How to Start a YouTube Channel for Your Business in 2019

How to Start a YouTube Channel

“How to start a YouTube channel?”

This is one of the most frequently asked questions amongst the millennials today.

Well, gone were the days when YouTube was only considered as a source of entertainment to watch videos.

Things have seemingly changed now.

With the digital revolution in the past decade, YouTube has become one of the most vital digital marketing channels.

By revolutionizing the media landscape, YouTube has become the topmost video-centric channel.

Did you know that YouTube has 1.9 billion logged in monthly users?

Well, that’s a huge number to gain popularity, isn’t it?

YouTube has not only helped users to consume more video content, but it has established itself as a smooth platform for content creators, to create their content and gain popularity.

Are you too inspired by the opportunity that YouTube provides?

Do you also want to start a YouTube channel?

If yes, then you can learn how to do from this article.

Get ready to embark your journey on how to start a YouTube channel.

Key Elements of a YouTube Channel

Before we delve in knowing how to start a YouTube channel, let us first understand the key elements of a YouTube channel.

1. Brand Your Channel

When you launch your channel on YouTube, one of the most important things you need to do is to create a branded logo for the channel that not only is different from other channels but also showcases the genre of your channel.

In order to influence your channel through branding, a channel must have a unique brand icon with a complementing header.

Channel description should also be present relating to the content being posted on the YouTube channel.

The description should not be more than 1000 characters and should clearly give an image of what content to be expected from the channel.

2. Introduction

One of the most important factors that help to build a successful YouTube channel is the introduction in your videos.

Most of the viewers lose their interest in a video in 5 to 10 seconds.

Therefore it is necessary to make an attractive and catchy start to your video so that the viewer gets hooked to the video and would also want to browse through other videos on the channel.

3. Quality Content

One of the major element that directly affects the YouTube channel is the quality of the video.

It is necessary to use high-quality videos and photographs to maintain and grow the quality of the content being posted on the channel.

It is also important to refine your content as the channel develops.

4. Call-to-Action (CTA)

The main purpose of any video or channel is to have a forecasted decision we want the viewers to take.

In case of a YouTube channel, the more are the subscribers, views, and shares, more are the chances of making a successful YouTube channel.

The more are the subscribers, more will be the tendency of the channel being popular that will lead to more conversion.

5. Background Music

In order to make a video more attractive and less boring, there needs to be a piece of background music which complements the photos or the videos.

Background music used in the videos should either be self-made or acquired through YouTube free music.

The background music should not overpower the audio already present in the video.

How to Start a YouTube Channel from Scratch

To know how to start a YouTube channel from scratch follow the below mentioned steps.

1. Create a Google Account (If you don’t have one)

How to Start a YouTube Channel from Scratch

2. Sign in to YouTube and click on the user icon on the top right side of the screen.

How to Start a YouTube Channel for Beginners

3. Click on the gear icon to get to the YouTube settings.

Click on the Settings

4. Click on “Create a New Channel”

Click on Create a New Channel

5. Choose a name for your channel.

Choose a Name for Your YouTube Channel

6. Add your channel name and click on “Create”.

Type Your YouTube Channel Name

7. Optimize your channel to increase visibility.

Optimize Your YouTube Channel

8. After clicking on “Customize Channel”, you’ll be redirected to the basic channel page like the image below.

Customize Channel

9. Click on the settings icon on the right side. You’ll be redirected to the “Advanced Settings” panel.

Advanced Settings

10. Add links and details about your channel.

Channel Description

11. Add a profile picture.

Add Profile Picture

12. Customize your channel art.

Upload Profile Picture

13. Add contact details by clicking on “About” and then scrolling down “Details”.

Add Contact Details

14. Upload your first video. Go to your YouTube Channel Account and click on the “Upload” icon on the top right corner.

Upload Your Video

15. You’ll be redirected to the upload screen.

Select File to Upload

16. Before you upload the video, you’ll be given 4 options.

Video Visibility Options

Public means that your video will be accessible by everyone.

Unlisted means that the people with the link can access your video.

Private means that only you can access the video.

Scheduled enables you to release the video on a specific date.

Best Practices of a YouTube Channel


1. Start with a Goal

Plan out the details and make a list of the top objectives that you want to achieve through video marketing.

For example, if your objective is to create brand awareness, you should make a customer testimonial video.

Further, if you are looking forward to increasing the conversions and sales, then you should make demo videos.

2. Tell a Story

Storytelling is one of the most effective ways to communicate a message and is majorly retained by the viewers.

To engage the viewers for a longer period of time, use the storytelling phenomenon in your videos and connect with the viewers on an emotional level.

3. Offer a Solution

Do not create a video that sounds more or less like a sales pitch.

People are very reluctant towards sales oriented videos and hence do not entertain them.

Rather provide informational and valuable content through your videos to get more viewer engagement.

4. Make Short and Concise Videos

The internet is already cluttered with tons of information.

Viewers expect to get more information in less time, so they generally look forward to videos with small duration providing maximum output.

If your videos are too long, the viewers will click away from you.

Thus, ensure to make your videos short, concise and to the point.

5. Provide Relevant Information without Overloading

Do not overload your viewers with tons of information in just a few seconds.

Figure out clearly which information you want to convey and frame the message in a creative and clear way.

6. Define the Target Audience

Decide on the target audience that you want to reach out to.

To define the target audience, take into consideration the age, profession, and location of the viewers.

7. Plan Your Next Step with a Call-To-Action

Put some catchy Call-to-Actions at the end of your video to convert a viewer into a customer.

Put your creative hat while making the Call-to-Actions as well.

Ask your viewers to join the live conversation.

Create a voting poll, offer subscription or a free trial.

Benefits of a YouTube Channel

1. Video Marketing

One of the major reasons to start a YouTube channel is video marketing.

It is the next big thing in the marketing landscape.

It is the most fast-paced method of attracting a targeted audience.

Practically, if we were to compare, an average person retains 90% of what he/she sees in a video while only 10% of what they read.

Videos are even dominating social media.

They are literally everywhere, be it Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram etc.

While businesses use the power of YouTube to attract more audience, individuals also take advantage of YouTube to build their personal brand.

2. Huge User Base

YouTube is one of the second largest search engines after Google.

Whenever the thought of video is considered, without any doubt YouTube is considered as the first choice.

Moreover, YouTube is owned by Google which makes YouTube links appear on the first page of search results whenever “video” is searched for.

According to YouTube stats, 63 million users watch YouTube videos on a daily basis.

Taking the above thought into consideration, it can be easily said that YouTube certainly has a huge user base.

3. High Advertising Potential

One of the major reasons to start a YouTube channel is because of its high advertising potential.

YouTube’s authentic and detailed targeting options provide advertisers an excellent chance to capture the targeted audience who are highly conversion oriented.

YouTube ads are no less than a brain changer Traditionally, Television ads were the most effective form of advertising.

However, with digitalization, YouTube Ads have become the most effective channel of engagement.

However, a lot of advertisers think that since YouTube is solely based on the video, advertising on might be a little daunting and tough.

However, things are pretty different when it comes to execution.

YouTube is not only video-centric but also mobile-friendly as well as has a huge global reach.

4. Content Creation

As mentioned earlier, YouTube is no less than a boon for content creators.

With the digital revolution, the online landscape has become a living for many people.

Some of the top influencers even earn a seven digit income from YouTube alone.

In simpler terms, when we talk about content creation, we refer to audio, visual and written content.

Moreover, videos have become the topmost type of content.

The reason for this is that the consumption of videos has increased significantly over the past few years and is going to rise even more in the coming future.

5. Increased Demand for Videos

Videos are the most popular form of content.

50% of internet users look for more video content online.

Users spend more time with online videos rather than written or verbal content.

A pattern shift has been noticed where people have shifted their watching preference from TV to YouTube videos.

6. Global Video Network

YouTube has a global presence and is not restricted to a particular geographical dimension.

A content creator certainly needs a global platform to increase the content reach and YouTube does provide this opportunity to them.


YouTube has become a widely accepted medium to share videos and therefore it is one of the best platforms to showcase your skills and market your product too.

Video marketing has become easy with the help of YouTube and also helps to advertise at a lower cost.

YouTube channel is easy to make and an effective way to become successful by portraying your skills in the format of video.

Hopefully, by now you must have understood the concept of YouTube and how to start a YouTube channel from scratch.

YouTube gives numerous income opportunities once the YouTube channel gains visibility.

So what are you waiting for?

Go grab YouTube’s opportunity and be the next YouTube sensation.


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