SEO Strategy: 12 Best SEO Tips to Implement in 2019

SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique is always changing. Every time we stay ready to keep pace with this. With every new technique and new tools to ensure our ranking.

In 2018, there was lots of difference from 2017 SEO strategy. Similarly, there will be some difference in 2019 from 2018 SEO strategy. There will be lots of things where we should focus more.

There will be some remarkable changes in 2019. Because technology is changing remarkably from last few years. So, the big impact is going to happen in 2019.

Search Engine Optimizers working method is going to be changed. There will be lots of new things, in those we have to work more. We need to work with the latest trend, to take advantage of new updates.

In Search Engine Optimization (SEO) language we divide SEO into two parts. One is on-page SEO and another one is off-page SEO.

Here, I am going to provide the complete SEO strategy to implement in 2019. In order to, rank your website or blog better from others.

Complete SEO Strategy Guide

12 Best SEO Tips to Implement in 2019

1. Use Eye-Catching Titles & Heading

Let’s imagine you ranked on Google first page search engine results for a certain keyword. And your position is third from the top ten results. After showing the search result, people are clicking more on your result than the first or second result. Or peoples are clicking more on the fourth result than your link. Then what’s going to be happening.

According to the Advanced Web Ranking research, they found that click-through Rate (CTR) is playing a crucial role on search engine result pages (SERPs) to determining results position.

CTR Data Chart
Image Source: Advanced Web Ranking

This result shows that high CTR helps to ensure a top position on SERPs. That means if fourth position result getting more click than third position result. Then Google is going to push the fourth result in the third position.

I hope you understood that how much important is CTR in webpage ranking.

I am going to tell you some tips on how you can improve your Click through rate (CTR);

(i) Title Tag

Add some interesting phrase with your keywords. Those will force people to click on your webpage.

Title Tags in Search Results

Now check the top three search result for the keyword “best tips for weight loss”. From three result everyone used some interesting phrase, that draws people to click on their result.

(ii) Write Better Meta Description

Write better and something unique in your meta description than others. That will attract people to click on your webpage.

2. Write Quality and Lengthy Article

Dwell time is the time between when a user clicks on a search result and again back to the SERP. In simple words, how many times a user pass on a SERP result.

In Google search engine result, this dwell time plays an important role. Because Google understands that your webpage isn’t so much informative or good enough for the users when they won’t stay enough time on your webpage.

That means you have to write quality content. As if user get all required information on your webpage and stay enough time to your webpage.

Describe your content in-depth as possible about your content topics. As if Google understand that your content has all required information that a user needs.

Also, try to keep your content length good enough. Because Google gives more priority on high length content than short length content.

3. Optimize for Mobile

In these days, less than 35% search comes from the desktop device. That’s the reasons Google giving the priority on the mobile optimized website on search engine ranking.

So, the mobile-friendly website is an important ranking factor. After Mobile First Indexing, the mobile site becomes the starting point of Google indexing.

How You Can Know If Your Site Mobile Friendly?

You can easily check your website with Google free mobile-friendly website checker tool. Just put your URL on the top box. And check, is it mobile friendly.

Google Mobile Friendly Website Checker

Then check your website or blog loading speed on a mobile device. Because taking more loading time on mobile device prevent to become a mobile-friendly device. More loading times lead the user to leave your website or blog. As a result bounce rate will be increased. You can check this with Google Page Speed Insights.

Google Page Speed Insights

If your website not mobile friendly or take more time to load on the mobile device. Then take the proper step to make your site mobile friendly. As if take less time to load on mobile devices.

4. Optimize for Voice Search

Voice Search is going to be the game-changing factor in 2019 SEO.

According to a Google report from after 2004, 55% teens and 41% of adults use voice to search for more than one a time in the day. And this amount becomes three times after 2008. From all mobile searches, 20% of searches are voice search.

So, in 2019 uses of voice searches will be increased remarkably. If your website is not perfect for voice search then be sure that your website traffic is going to be decreased in 2019.

How to Optimize for Voice Search in SEO?

In an analysis of so many voice search result, Backlinko found some factors, those play a vital role in appearing on the search result. So, here I am going to mention some factors. Those can help you with voice search optimization.

  • Most of the voice search result webpage load in 4.6 seconds. So, optimize your website or blog loading speed.

  • Most of the pages have HTTPS, from appearing pages of voice search result. So, make sure that your site has HTTPS.

  • Authority of the website also plays a vital role in the voice search result. So, work on to increase to your website domain authority.

  • More social shares webpage or post appears more on the search result. So, focus on your social engagement.

  • Lengthy content appears more on voice search results than short content.

These are the most important factors, in those you must focus to appear in voice search results.

5. Optimize Loading Speed

Website or blog loading speed will be an effective ranking factor this year. Because Google gives priority on the website or blog who takes less time to load.

As we know that, in this year the amount of voice search will increase. And page loading speed will play an effective role to take place in the voice search result.

So, if your website takes more time to load. Then it will be tough for you to get ranked on search engine result.

6. Go with Video

In research, Cisco found that by 2021, 80% of traffic will be generated through video.

You can also get the SEO benefits of video on your website. In order to, increase your website traffic.

In another research found that approximately 55% Google search result contains one or more video.

Videos in Search Results

And the probability of getting ranked is an increase, when a webpage has a video than a normal webpage or post, especially from YouTube. So, make a video for your post and publish it on YouTube. Then put the embedded code on normal text post.

7. Create Backlinks

Backlinks are still important to rank a website or webpage in 2019. Because backlinks from authority and the relevant site tell Google that your website or blog is perfect for a specific niche.

There was a time high amount of backlinks was the only way to ensuring any website or blog ranking. It didn’t matter if backlinks are from irrelevant sites or spammy sites. But from last few years this tradition is changed. Now, the quality of backlinks matters not quantity.

High amount backlinks from relevant and authority webpage will definitely help on ranking boosting. In research found that high referring domain number of webpage or post get ranked more than with low referring domain.

Image Source: Backlinko

But if you don’t know more about Backlink and how to get relevant and authority backlinks. Then must check this content, what are backlinks in SEO and how to get them?

8. Use Optimized and Compressed Images

If you’re familiar with the SEO then you must know that images are how much important with webpage or post. But if you’re new with SEO then you need to know.

In research found that the websites are ranked on the first page of the search engine; most of them have images with proper optimization.

Because when Google know that the images are relevant with the specific queries then it gives priority on the webpage or content than others.

And you can easily optimize your images by renaming the name of the image, keep the name as your keyword or niche. As if it represents the topic. Also, set the image Alt Text for the images on your webpage or post. Because setting image Alt text is really important in SEO.

Another thing you need to do, this is compressed your images. Because, image compression reduces the image file size but, keep the image quality almost the same. The benefit of this one is, the page takes less time to load and uses less space. And we all know that loading speed is how much important.

If you’re not familiar with image compression then you can use online tools for this like; Compress JPEG, online image compressor, etc. If your website or blog on WordPress then you can use a plugin like;, WP smush, etc.

9. Make Enough Internal Linking

Internal linking is also a good SEO technique. Make internal linking between your posts with the anchor text. Whenever you publish any page or post make sure that these are connected with relevant post or page with the anchor text.

10. Make Authority Outbound Link

Normally, most of the people are not aware of this. But it also carries some benefits in terms of SEO. So, make an outbound link from your every post to authority and relevant website with appropriate anchor text.

If you check any authority blog then you will find an outbound link from the most post to another relevant blog.

When you’re making outbound link make sure that you are making to authority blog.

11. Update Old Content

If you have published content on the specific topic, then don’t write second content on the same topic. Update your old content every time new tips or information. Because, Google really like this thing, that you’re updating your content for the user.

Like you have content on “How to get backlinks in 2018” then don’t need to write content “How to get backlinks in 2019”. Just update your content, title, and others necessary thing with new information.

12. Monitor Your Work and Your Competitor

When you’re working on any strategy then you must check regularly. You must know about your improvement and unwanted things that happened. As if, you can understand what should be your next step.

Because if you don’t track your work, then you will be unable to understand which step was wrong or which step was best from all of them.

So, work properly and track your work with a tool such as SEO dashboard so you can understand what happens.

Another important thing is to track your competitor, what are they doing. How are they improving, copy their best step and apply on your blog or website. Find out their authority backlink source, and then hunt the authority backlink source. If you want to beat your competitor properly then you must know what they are doing.


In SEO there have lots of game-changing factors. Here, I tried to discuss 12 best tips or suggestions to implement in 2019 SEO strategy, those will play an effective role in this year.

If you’re working with any blog or website then you must work on these. If you’re looking to increase your blog or website traffic.

In the comment section let me know, what you’re thinking, are there having any other points those will also play an effective role in this year? Or which one is you’re thinking is most important from my described content.


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