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What is Blogger Outreach and How Effective is It to Promote Your Content

Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach can let your brand reach to a new audience, promote your products and generate more business online.

Now, gone are the days when people used to watch television advertisement or to read pamphlets, and so on. In the below chart, you can observe the depreciation of traditional media.

Digital Media Chart

Image Source: Visual Capitalist

Now your ideal customers might be checking Instagram stories, chatting with people on Facebook messenger or watching YouTube videos while stuck in traffic or waiting in a queue.

In today’s world of Internet and social media, there are dozens of ways to promote your content.

Content could be anything — videos, eBooks, whitepapers, products, articles, blogs, podcasts, and webinars.

Everything that you see on the web is known as content.

Promoting your content plays a crucial role in your digital marketing success.

You can also go for other online platforms like social media marketing and share regular content related to your business.

Digital Marketing Platforms

If you can afford to invest some money, you can also go for paid advertising like a native, search and display advertisements to showcase your products and services.

However, since so many people are turning up online and sharing their content on various platforms.

All the major online marketing channels are now crowded and competitive for a brand to impressive ROI.

So, that’s when other promising advertising ways like blogger outreach and influencer marketing come into the picture.

As platforms like social media, email marketing, and website are all about self-proclamation, people go to other sources to find reviews and feedback related products.

They also discuss with their friends or colleagues before buying something. So, the feedback from their immediate circle impacts their buying decisions.

Blogging is one of the most impactful resources for brands and readers to make money and gather knowledge online.

Today, many bloggers have a good readership and a decent number of followers who read the content regularly.

What is Blogger Outreach?

We understand the power of blogging and also agree that it can skyrocket brand awareness and digital sales.

So what the fuzz of blogger outreach is all about.

Blogger outreach is the activity to maintain live communication and build lasting relationships with bloggers.

It is a way to connect with bloggers, communicate with them, and execute advertising campaigns together.

Through blogger outreach, blogger and the advertiser agree for a mutual benefit and provide valuable content for the audience to educate, entertain and pursue the audience.

What is Blogger Outreach

For example, if you are running an e-commerce website, you share your products with the blogger who would write a review in exchange for your products.

This way, your products get the brand coverage and blogger gets to keep the products.

Blogger outreach is like a digital word-of-mouth marketing because you get an online shootout for your excellent services and products.

When it comes to blogger outreach, people often misjudge it by doing it proactively.

Blogger outreach is a way of building lifetime relationships with bloggers and influencers.

You need to get connected with the people on different online platforms by following their social media profiles, subscribe to their email lists and start reading their content and provide engagement on their profiles and websites.

Write a genuine comment on their blogs and always try to add value to the articles so that the reader can get more value through your comment.

You can also comment on the social media posts and stories and sometimes, you can also share their content on your social media profile to show your appreciation.

Now, this does not mean that you keep spamming their social media accounts and keep texting them unnecessarily.

Just like any other relationship, blogger outreach will take time and effort.

Generate Traffic for Your Website

It is a simple calculation. If you do blogger outreach, you are making somebody promote your content, website, and business.

So, when the audience read the content, they would visit your website to find out more about your offers. Hence, you would get more traffic on your website.

Generate Traffic for Your Website

Interestingly, the traffic through blogger outreach would be highly interested in referral traffic because you would collaborate with a blogger whose audience is similar to your ideal customers.

Check out how this website improved website traffic by 204% by incorporating blogger outreach in their advertising strategy.

Increase Social Media Following

Blogger outreach is an interactive way of advertising through which you can not only promote your products but generate social media awareness for your brand.

As more people would come to know about your brand, they would visit your social media accounts to find more about your business and may follow your profiles to stay updated.

Blogger Outreach Increases Social Media Following

You can engage the new followers by dynamic social media posts and engage them through your paid social media ads.

For example, if you are selling food products or running a local restaurant, and you want more customers to buy your food products or visit your local restaurant.

So, you can run a giveaway campaign with a local food blogger and tell participants to follow your social media page to participate in the giveaway.

This way, you can get more followers who would then be entertained by your social media campaigns.

Improve Online Conversions

The whole procedure of blogger outreach is to ensure that more people would take your desired action which could be following your social media accounts, subscribing to newsletters, watching your video, sharing your content or buying your products.

Blogger outreach can dramatically impact your sales and website visits because you are interacting with an already engaged audience of the blogger.

Those people read content and follow the blogger regularly. So, if the blogger mentions your content, people would highly likely to pay attention to your content.

Blogger Outreach Improves Online Conversion

Moreover, the bloggers also have excellent social media following.

So, if you can convince the blogger to share the post on the blogger’s social media profile, you can get to target more prospects for your business.

Most importantly, the blogger’s audience would have a similar interest as your ideal customers have.

So, blogger outreach will assure you that you are promoting your content the right prospects.

If your content is fantastic, more people would love to share your stuff with their friends and family on social media sites.

This way, you would be able to capture more social media promotion for your content.

Generate an Online Reputation

Blogger outreach will put you in the radar of PR agencies, online influencers, and bloggers.

You become a hub of communication between brands and bloggers. As you keep doing blogger outreach for your business, people would start knowing about your business, and your professional network would go exponentially.

So whenever you initiate a conversation, at that time the process of onboarding, a blogger would be a lot smoother because the trust is already established thanks to your past successful blogger outreach projects with the fellow bloggers of the industry.

Hence, the upcoming bloggers and potential clients would already know your brand and happily agree to work with you.

Understand Your Audience

Through blogger outreach, you can understand consumer behavior, which you would not have known if you had gone for other mediums like social media, emails as you and so on.

Because blogger outreach is more transparent and one-to-one communication channel where real subscribers read the content of a blogger, so, there is more proactive communication that happens on the channel.

Understand Your Audience

You can know from the engagement and comment about what your prospects are thinking about the products and how can you optimize the performance in upcoming collaborations.

You can track how many people have visited your website, how many conversions happened after the blogger has published the article, and how users are reacting to the content of the blogger.

This way, you can get priceless insights about the mindset of your consumers.

Get Better ROI

You can get profitable returns through blogger outreach. By returns, if you are only focusing on money, you are missing the point here.

You get tremendous value and insights into the consumer’s mindset, expectations, reactions, etc. These insights can be utilized in brainstorming other digital marketing campaigns.

Moreover, you can better plan and strategize your future blogger outreach campaigns with analysis and insights of previous campaigns. Hence, for every upcoming blogger outreach activity, you would get better results and ROI.


Blogger outreach is one of the most profitable ways to promote your content online. It can make your website and business viral overnight.

However, ensure that your content provides value and improve the lives of the readers; otherwise, there is no point in promoting your content through any channel.

Do let us know what do you think about blogger outreach and how effective it has been for your content promotion activities.

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.


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