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Content Distribution: 11 Things You’re Forgetting to Do in 2019

Content Distribution

Content distribution is an impactful process to make your content viral and read by the relevant audience of your niche.

For example, if you have published a detailed guide on losing weight and maintaining your diet, but nobody knows that your content exists. Then, what is the point of creating content in the first place?

As a content developer or builder, we all aim to make our work reached the maximum audience who can benefit themselves with the knowledge that we shared in our content.

Gone are the days when you publish your blog or write an answer on Quora and forget about it. Today, you continuously have to nurture your content bank and build a permanent collection of insanely valuable content that educates, entertains, pursues, and converts users into buyers.

Today, in this digital sphere, promoting your content is equally important as creating it.

You have to strategically distribute and make your content accessible to a relevant audience who can read and educate themselves through your content.

You cannot expect your content to go viral within an hour unless you are a worldwide celebrity like Cristiano Ronaldo, Priyanka Chopra or Dwayne Johnson.

However, that does not mean that you cannot bring engagement on your content at all.

Remember that the most-liked photo on Instagram is not of any celebrity’s.

You have to go with a persistent process, and methodically to distribute your content on different channels while ensuring maximum coverage and success for your content.

To do that, we have compiled an actionable content distribution guide to improve your content’s online reach.

11 Things You Should Not Forget When You Plan Content Distribution


1. Understand Your Readers

2. Know the Market Trend

3. Write Insanely Valuable Content

4. Leverage Content Repurpose

5. Treat Content as a Product

6. Create Visual Appeal

7. Create Engagement

8. Don’t Forget Influencer Marketing

9. Go for Email Outreach

10. Have Good Social Media Presence

11. Keep Observing the Others


1. Understand Your Readers

When you distribute your content, it should resonate with the users’ mindset and serve what they are looking for.

Along with uniqueness, your content should provide value to the right users and help them improve their lifestyles.

For example, you were running a health and fitness blog and published a blog in 2019 on ten benefits of losing weight; you cannot expect to create engagement on that particular article.

Because dozens of other websites had already published valuable information about the benefits of losing weight, so the readers might have already read the content which you have shared.

Instead, if you publish a case study to maintain the diet and reduce weight, you can expect engagement and interest from the users since they are getting something valuable.

So you understand what users are expecting and what they are accessible to at this time.

If you publish content and nobody wants to know about, then your whole hard work of writing and optimizing that content is wasted.

So knowing your users before distributing your content is extremely important to determine whether your content would be relevant and loved by the readers.

2. Know the Market Trend

As a business owner or a marketer, you should know what is currently trending and where the audience is now focusing.

It could be a trending video or a meme that has gone viral for a few days. You can leverage the on-going trend and distribute your promotional content to connect with maximum audience instantly.

For example, Bollywood actor Rahul Bose has uploaded an Instagram video where he has shown that he has been charged an unrealistic amount for just two bananas.

His video has gone so viral that almost everyone active on social media platforms has seen it.

Hence, brands have leveraged this user behavior and distributed their content on their channels to connect with the audience and generate maximum engagement on their content.

See how Indian startups Zostel has created a social media post to promote their services, which are providing hostel to backpackers and travelers.

Zostel Post

Comments – 373

Likes – Around 8,500

In fact, when you search #goingbananas hashtag used by Rahul on his video, we got 2nd most top post by Zostel who leveraged the current market trend to distribute its social media promotions on Instagram.

Know the Market Trends

To know such trends, you have to be continuously active on different online channels and forums to stay updated about users are interacting with at a given time.

Then, you have to understand how you can amalgamate your content by showcasing the trending ideology.

Once you mix both of them, you would be able to grab just attention on your content and create them to click or engage with your contact.

3. Write Insanely Valuable Content

People who read or surf the web expect value from the content. Your content should genuinely improve readers’ by providing real-time solutions and answers to their questions.

As per a fact, most of the results ranking the first page of Google, have around 1700 word count. What does this mean? Does this mean Google loves to rank long form of content?

Of course not. Google gives the result that helps readers. The fact which is mentioned above shows that people prefer an extended form of content.

Now, this does not mean that you write essential content and stretch it to 3,000 words, of course not!

Long-form is implied to an in-depth and researched article that provides fantastic value to the audience.

It has numbers, statistics, and real-time solutions. Basically, the content should be one-of-a-kind and the only resource about a particular topic.

Although you might feel that publishing researched content demand extensive research and a lot of time from the publisher.

If that’s the case, you haven’t understood the power of insanely valuable content.

If your article is accurate ‘value bomb’ and genuinely impacts the readers’ perspective, it will go viral like anything.

We all are social beings, and we strive to showcase ourselves smarter by social approval.

So, if your content is researched and in-depth, users would happily showcase it to their friends to appear knowledgeable in their inner circle.

Hence, the amount of time invested, and research will give your content more social shares and recognition in the long run.

4. Leverage Content Repurpose

Content repurpose a powerful tool to smartly distribute your content and ensure maximum digital coverage for it.

It is where you utilize your already published article on a different channel to attract more readers or viewers.

With the help of repurposing content, you can profoundly utilize a particular online platform to entertain your audience and effectively distribute your content.

For example, you have published blog posts which have got a couple of shares and great social media coverage in the past.

Now, you can make a video of it to share it on YouTube or other social media channels.

This way, users who did not visit your website will know your content since you have distributed its context on the relevant formats of different digital channels.

However, be smart and sensible while utilizing your old content.

For example, you can add a new perspective and make a unique YouTube video to make your content fresh and relevant instead of just copying the old stuff.

If some of your articles are performing the better and have got engagement and social recognition, then you can club those articles into an eBook and sell it online.

You can also create a website pop-up where you can share the same eBook as a guide to actionable tips in the email to the readers.

This way, you can also increase your email list by utilizing the same content.

Slideshare is also an engaging platform where you can share presentations.

CopyBlogger has repurposed their one of the best articles on Slideshare, and the presentation has got more than 78,000.

5. Treat Content as a Product

The article which you are writing for your blog, the image which you shared a few days back is not a random piece of content.

In this internet age, everything that is going live would stay there forever.

Your content is like your digital product that would decide whether you would achieve desired results or not.

The content you share has a significant impact on the audience, whether you are accepting it or not.

So, treat the content as a product insert your consumers instead of a piece of original format for video.

This is a psychological change that you have to make to treat your content accordingly.

What do you do to ensure that your product stays relevant and become successful in the market?

You would nurture and improvise your product to serve the consumers better.

The same way you must treat your content to thrive online. In the product industry, your company develops and online reputation by the type of content it shares.

6. Create Visual Appeal

For your content distribution activities, always go visual and create an appeal of your content to grab more attention of the users.

90% of the information transmitted to a human brain is visual.

So, we are habituated to comprehend visual content effectively compared to how we understand textual format.

However, since there is too many information available around us, our collective attention span is narrowing each passing day; claims a study by the University of Denmark.

Hence, on the web, you get a fraction of the seconds to make people engage with your content and eventually take your desired action.

To do that, you can utilize visually attractive content formats like videos, images, infographics, etc.

While sharing your content on social media platforms, ensure that it has a relevant thumbnail to attract people.

In fact, as shown in the graph below, shows articles with thumbnails are shared more on Facebook compared to their counterparts.

Visual Appeal for Content Distribution

You can also leverage videos to broadcast your upcoming collaborations, events, features, or products to the audience.

Remember that 40% of millennials are fond of video content.

7. Create Engagement

The whole purpose of content distribution activity is to create online buzz and eventually bring engagement for your brand.

We all strive for engagement and conversion in any way possible — be it increasing comments on your blog, social media shares, or social media followers.

So if you want to create engagement and awareness for your brand or content, then interact and generate engagement on other’s content and online properties. This is the simple rule of cause and effect.

You can comment on your thoughts and knowledge on others’ articles to help the readers of that particular website understand the specific topic profoundly and create engagement on that particular blog.

The same phenomenon mentioned above applies to social media too.

You can also comment or share other accounts’ social media posts and engage with their posts to let the audience know about your brand.

However, this does not mean you start spamming someone’s Instagram post deliberately.

If you genuinely engage and react to others’ content, people will observe your reactions online and may come to your profiles and websites to know more about you.

This overall strategy has a beneficial effect on your content distribution plans.

Your identity will be recognizable to people.

So whenever you post something on other mediums, people would quickly identify your brand and trust them more easily.

You have to work less hard to build trust and authenticity of your brand and content in the long run.

8. Don’t Forget Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the most trending online marketing techniques to expand your consumer reach and attract more eyes by leveraging the existing audience of an influencer.

An influencer is a person who has genuine followership and has an online impact over a particular group of people. Like someone with 10,000 Instagram followers or 200,000, email subscribers can be considered an influencer.

To leverage influencer marketing for your content distribution procedures, you can collaborate with an influencer and agree on a mutual benefit and make the influencer promote your content.

In return, you can agree to pay some amount to the influencer or promote their content on your channel.

Guest blogging can also come under influencer marketing, where you can share your expertise and knowledge on other’s blogs. Guest blogging has two benefits, it can help you distribute your content to a new platform and gain your website SEO benefits for the same.

9. Go for Email Outreach

Email marketing is still a compelling and legitimate marketing channel in 2019.

Corporates and working individuals prefer email communication over another medium.

Emails filter out all the hindrance of anonymity and provide a direct and transparent communication platform between two parties.

You can leverage this email marketing for your content distribution purpose.

For example, you have cited a particular case study or a product of a renowned brand in your latest video or blog.

You can outreach that brand or influencer to tell them about the same.

Since you have promoted their products through your content, they would be delighted to share your content on their social media platforms.

Furthermore, a simple email copy also initiates a lasting digital relationship.

This content distribution purpose, emails can give you that leading-edge of building a strong relationship with hello industry expert.

10. Have Good Social Media Presence

Building a good relationship with others is a process, and it cannot happen overnight.

Having a good relationship with others digitally can not only help you with your content distribution purpose but also for a future business opportunity.

An excellent way to build online relationships is to leverage social media platforms.

You can follow other relevant accounts on social media, sign up for their email newsletters, or comment on the article genuinely.

You can also invite them for a live Q&A session to help the audience providing instant solutions.

This way, your relationship with other people of your niche can give you more branding coverage and better on your digital properties.

An engaging social media platform will get more impressions and unique reach.

Hence, you can enjoy better engagement when you distribute your content on your engaged social media account.

11. Keep Observing the Others

See how pros are distributing their content on the web. Analyze their website, observe their social media, and newsletters to get the idea.

I am not implying that you spy on others and copy what they have done for their audience.

Following industry leaders and similar brands of your niche will inspire you to create better and more valuable content for your audience.

Furthermore, you will also get an idea about what others are doing and how you can improvise, personalization, and serve users better.

You would observe a new platform or a unique approach to distribute your content that can work for your brand.


Content distribution can bring insane results for your business and brands if you do it correctly.

In the end, it is all about being relevant and genuine to users.

Share your views in the comments about the content distribution.

If you have used any of the methods discussed above, feel free to share your experience in the comments to help other readers.


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