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How to Create a Facebook Business Page in 2020

How to Create a Facebook Business Page

In today’s post, I’m going to show you the process of how to create a Facebook business page in easy steps in 2020.

After reading this complete post, you will be able to understand the process of Facebook business page creation and optimization.

Let’s dive into it.

Facebook is undoubtedly one of the largest social media platforms in the world today.

Millions and millions of people use Facebook regularly, to connect with other people and share their daily life experiences.

With such a broad audience, Facebook offers business class people a fantastic opportunity to advertise their product and reach the masses.

Presently, there are numerous business pages on Facebook.

To make a business page on Facebook, one does not have to indulge in some kind of high-level programming or rocket science.

It is quite easy!

If you have all the resources such as the information, descriptions, pictures, videos, infographics, and ideas about your business, you can create a Facebook business page with a few simple steps.

Here are the steps that will help you create a successful business page on Facebook and endorse your product in the best way possible.


Create a Facebook Page for Your Business

The first action towards the creation of a Facebook business page will be logging into your account.

Your private information will be displayed publicly on your business page, so you need not worry about that part.

Once you have logged in, you can follow the below-mentioned steps to make a business page.

Create a Facebook Business Page


1) Sign Up and Create an Account

Go to the website.

You will be taken to a page where you will get two options.

Select the type of page you are planning to create.

It can be about a business or a brand and even a community or a public figure.

Let’s assume that the main goal is to create a business page.

Hence, click on the get started button present in the business or brand section.

Now enter your business name and choose your category.

For this, type one or two words of your category and Facebook will provide you with the suggestions.

The majority of the times you will be able to find your category in the suggestions.

After selecting the category, other boxes will appear asking for your name, contact information and other details.

You will also get the option to make your personal information public on your page or just display your location.

Once done with all these steps, you have to click on continue.

By doing so, you are accepting the terms and conditions relating to it.


2) Insert Images

The next important step in this procedure is to upload profile images and cover pictures on your business page.

Photographs catch the attention of the audience and help in establishing an impression.

Hence, use the most suitable images that relate to your brand.

Profile image can be your brand logo or anything that represents your business.

Add a Cover Photo

This image will appear with the name or the brand in the search results.

It also appears on the top left corner of the business page.

If your brand is an established one using a logo is the best option.

If a famous public figure is related to your brand, using their image can be an option and if you are a local business, then using the image of your prime products can help people recognize your company.

A Facebook profile picture displays 170*170 pixels on a desktop and 128*128 pixels on a mobile phone.

Once you have selected an appropriate profile picture click on “Upload Profile Picture” and your image will get displayed.

Now for a cover image, one needs to be very considerate as this is one of the most prominent pictures of your business page.

On the desktop, this image displays 820*312 pixels, and on the mobile phone, this displays 640* 360 pixels.

Choose a cover photo that captures the essence of your brand and highlights the key elements.

Once you have selected the image to upload, just click on the “Upload Cover Photo” button.

Now you have created the basic structure of the page.

You just need to fill in the necessary details in the following steps.


3) Username

A username is also a uniform resource locator that helps people identify your business and find you through Facebook.

The limit of the characters used in a URL is typically 50.

Add a Username

Image Source

Try to make the user name a simple one and short so that it is easier for people to find you on Facebook.

Click on “Create Page Username” present in the left menu to set a unique username for your business.

Type in the user name and click on create username once you are done.


4) Mention the Necessary Business Details

Mention all the necessary details confirming your business.

It is an essential step and should not be taken lightly.

These details help people understand your business and improve their will to invest in your offerings and products.

Facebook is on the top when the recruitment of information relating to any particular thing is concerned.

Hence, by inserting business details correctly, you can generate greater trust among the customers.

To enter the critical business details, click on Edit Page Info on the top menu.

Here is a few more information that you have to mention.

Add Business Details

a) Description

It should be like a short definition of your business.

The maximum character limit in this field is 255.

Hence, you need to be quick and precise in this section.

b) Categories

In the first step, the main category of the business had already been mentioned.

In this section, you can specify additional categories of your business so that your reach to the people maximizes.

All these categories can be related to the main category or also can be the subcategories.

c) Contact

Contact information is something a customer looks for primarily on a Facebook business page.

Make sure you mention all your essential contact details including phone number, website, email address, etc.

d) Location

If you have a business establishment, then make sure to mention the address of the main office along with its several branches.

Mention the location and address of all the offices.

e) Hours

Working and active hours of the business can be mentioned here.

f) Extra Options

Here you can mention the pricing, products, Impressum, etc.

After entering all the details as mentioned earlier, click on “Save Changes”.


5) Acknowledge Yourself

So, now that you have given all the precise details about yourself, you may want to convey your passion and your ambitions to the customer.

Fortunately, there are several sections here where you can express your story to the audience.

To add a more detailed description of your business, you can add information from the “See More” option on the left menu.

Then you can click on “About” and then “Our Story” on the right-hand side.

On this page you can add several other details regarding your products, services, and goals.

A background of your starting up can also serve as an inspiration to the customers.

You can write an exciting story and then click on “Publish”, and your description will get posted.


6) Create Posts

Before adding people and inviting people to like or follow your page, it is better that you add some content to your page.

You can create posts related to the various types of events that your company has organized or any other product that you might be launching.

Create Post on Facebook Page

Image Source

The post can be about anything relevant to your business.

Just click on the create icon present on the top of the page and make an exciting video, event or offer.

If you post regularly, your audience has a better chance of engaging on your page.


7) Publish, Add and Invite Potential Customers

Now that you have set up your Facebook business page, all you need to do is invite an audience.

Your page is now present on a platform that encourages a large group of people that can bring you some potential customers.

After hitting that button “Publish Page,” you will be open to a lot of people who can access you through Facebook.

Now you can invite your friends, encourage them to follow your page and share your page with other people as well!


Bonus Tips

After creating a page, all you need to reach people and encourage them to visit your page.

Pinned Posts on Facebook Page

Image Source

You can add pinned posts, promotional advertisements and also call to action buttons on your page so that people can access your page.

This also helps in improving the traffic on your page.



The presence and prominence of Facebook cannot be denied and making the best utilization of this platform for promoting your business can prove to be very fruitful.

A Facebook business page has become an essential part of the online marketing aspect of any business.

So many people rely on Facebook for looking for various products, services, etc.

For business people, Facebook is a fantastic source to reach their potential customers.

Hence, invest some time in creating a fantastic business page on Facebook and indulge in it regularly.

It will surely help your business to flourish and thus, become a brand.


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