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10 Most Important Facebook Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

Facebook Trends

Today I’m going to show you the 10 latest Facebook trends that are most important in 2020 and beyond.

After reading this complete post, you will be able to understand the top Facebook trends that can be implemented in your social media marketing strategies to get the best results.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Despite many other social media platforms introduced to the world, Facebook continues to be at the top with 2.4 billion monthly active users.

The social networking site has been continuously developing, and this has been the most notable Facebook trend.

Businesses and companies have identified Facebook as one of the best means to build a brand image, as there are a lot of existing and potential customers.

Also worth noting is the continual development of the system through updates, new technologies, and enhancements, as it makes Facebook an appealing marketing tool for any company.

Facebook has introduced some new features, rolled out a few more, and formed collaborations with third-party firms to enhance the site’s user experience.

Before diving into the new Facebook trends, let us take a look at the benefits of Facebook to businesses.


Benefits of Facebook to Businesses

1. Facebook gives you the space to make a long-term, more engaging platform where you or your social media staff can really engage with your customer base.

2. Facebook provides an efficient channel of communication between the business and the customers.

3. Facebook gathers information about the page visitors so you can get a better understanding of the posts and their results, i.e., better analytical insight.

4. Facebook page is free to set up, thereby making it a cost-effective marketing strategy.

5. The Facebook page will serve as a gateway for potential customers who want to know more about your company and is also a factor in increasing the traffic on your website.

6. Facebook assists in creating mobile optimized content that serves as a huge benefit as most of the content consumed by the users are through mobile phones.

Continuously the social media site provides new updates that can be helpful to companies.

Check out the following Facebook trends, which are expected to have an impact in the coming years on both Facebook users and businesses.


Latest Facebook Trends


1. Chatbots

Chatbots have become relatively popular in social media sites and Facebook is no different.

Businesses use them in various ways, but as the primary chatbot device customer support remains.

Users can program them to answer basic questions and requests, enabling you to automate customer experiences to boost your sales.

Chatbots have been one of the most influential Facebook trends over some time now and will continue to be important in the coming years too.


Chatbots are essentially computer technology, theoretically capable of having a conversation with a human being, and in fact, they can perform several tasks very easily and in a semi-human way that you have to waste, time to do yourself, or resources to employ someone to do it for yourself.

You have to make the chatbot experience sound personal for your customers.

This would be the task of coming up with a persona.

You may want to make the process of chatting quickly too.

Doing so would make your tech clients feel right at home.

Chatbots provide something that no other platform does, and that is the opportunity to conduct a personal interaction.

This means that your chatbots certainly have the potential to develop a relationship with your customer, rather than just a click, picture, and text interface.


2. Group Redesign

Facebook’s fifth update is about to roll out, and the Facebook groups will be at the main center of the app as per FB5’s showcase.

It should make it easier for users to connect and locate their favorite groups.

Facebook claims its users enjoy private discussions to public ones, the focus of the redesign is on making it easier for users to switch from public spaces to limited more private spaces such as groups.

Now there’s a fully revamped group tab, which makes group exploration much easier.

The Groups tab displays customized activity feed across all groups to which a user is connected, as well as suggestions that allow you to quickly locate and join a few more groups that may be of value.

The social network also launched community-specific features based on the needs of the various types of communities on Facebook.


3. Video Content is Still Valuable

Video content is still one of the most traffic fetching sources and is still one of the Facebook trends to be used.

The video still ranks among the best types of content.

Hence, analysts are watching videos to start ruling Facebook marketing.

Video Content is Still Valuable

The fact that in recent years various types of videos tend to emerge helps marketers to appeal for different types of customers.

Facebook’s popularity of videos shows no sign of diminishing, which is why 46% of advertisers are mulling the introduction of these videos to their near future digital marketing strategies.

Marketers should experiment with shorter, innovative advertising to generate demand for their brand, bearing in mind that interest increases the longer people watch.


4. Facebook Stories

Facebook stories are full-screen images, videos, and updates available for 24 hours only.

Play images for five seconds, and it supports 20 seconds of footage.

After you finish broadcasting, the live videos vanish.

And the poster’s just available for feedback and likes.

Facebook stories show up at the top of the Facebook screen.

They are the first thing you see when your customers log in to their profile.

It means the stories are perfect to draw attention.

The segment stories also follow your customers as they also click through their news on a desktop.

Stories have modified how Facebook users post everyday events.

And as stories come to pass in real-time, sharing comes almost immediately, holding friends in the loop regularly.

Stories also fit well with smartphones, making it highly appropriate for users today, most of whom are using mobile devices.


5. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

One of the most future-oriented Facebook trends is the use of AR and VR.

Although AR allows people to add virtual elements onto their physical environments, VR allows people to use head- display systems to access fully immersive experiences.

People are already embracing AR-one common example is adding photo filters-and preferring VR for more interactive gaming.

Facebook sees the digital ad room moving from a static advertising model to another.

Instead, the emergence of interactive formats, like Stories, for marketers will continue to develop in value.

Facebook has also expanded opportunities for advertisers in terms of augmented reality.

Advertisers can now use Spark AR Studios to create and publish their AR effects for both Instagram and Facebook advertising.

A further innovation for Facebook in this year’s playable ad format arena, especially as Facebook wants to make inroads in mobile gaming.

The company recently purchased PlayGiga online gaming service, and added to its Facebook Gaming, offering two new Pokemon Games.


6. Facebook Ad Targeting

To most marketers, Facebook ads are still fairly cheap, but year-over-year prices are increasingly rising, and many advertisers are rightly worried.

Along with loads of different types of ads, such as video ads, the amount of specificity that you can achieve with Facebook targeting capabilities is immense.

Facebook Ad Targeting

Whether it’s through behaviors, interests, demographics, connections, age ranges, languages, or locations, you can dig deeper into these targeting abilities and lay them on each other to make sure you get rid of any questionable, out-of-market clicks.

The social media site has retargeting functionality that you can use to zone in on clients already interested in your offers.

By supporting advertisements that include reviews of a given product or service, you can further enhance this process.

Safe to say, that’s one of the most popular advertisement trends on Facebook.


7. Facebook Live

Anyone who uses the app can now use Facebook Live, unlike before when only authenticated brands can take advantage of that feature.

This can serve to be a great marketing tool for businesses with small marketing budgets as Facebook users are known for watching videos every day.

It’s also a trend that live videos are in news feeds rated higher, giving them maximum visibility.

Facebook Live video’s evident success was due to its organic aspect, which efficiently links advertisers to viewers.


8. Customer Tracking

A mapping journey is a vital tool that will help you learn more about your customers.

It’s very manual procedures however, advertisers do not love it.

If you are a marketer, you know that understanding the ad that a client last clicked prior purchase now gives you a reflective consumer journey overview.

Customer Tracking

The introduction of a new attribution tool on Facebook has helped businesses to monitor the online journey of consumers.

In comparison to current approaches, the app allows you to access touchpoints such as landing pages, blogs, comments, and ads that contribute to a particular purchase.

It essentially gives you a better view of the entire consumer experience, allowing you to assess the importance of different channels of sales.


9. The End of Like Count

Facebook has stated that it will check to hide the like tracker in Australia.

Instagram also adopted the protocol, and slowly started to hide the number of likes on the posts of users.

It is too soon to know whether this will affect businesses or not.

When it comes to collaborations with influencers, the rate of interaction can no longer be measured by like count.

In this situation, marketers would need to rely on the influencer to supply the details.


10. Libra (Digital Currency)

One of the most enigmatic Facebook trends to be introduced this year is the digital currency- Libra.

Facebook will release the digital wallet for its crypto-currency by the summer if progress continues smoothly.

The same will be available as a foe apps such as Messenger and Whatsapp.

It should become, in Facebook’s plan, a global currency for people around the world.

Especially those in developing countries who have no connection to banks or financial institutions.

In other words, digital money which you can pass or use to buy stuff.



These are some of the Facebook trends that are being introduced that can be used to your advantage.

Facebook wants its advertisers to thrive so that they can continue to make money.

This means better tools to increase the efficiency of marketing campaigns and offer advertisers more opportunities to communicate with their target audience.


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