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How to Use IGTV to Grow Your Brand in 2020

How to Use IGTV

IGTV or Instagram TV is a more extended version of the Instagram stories.

They are a long-form vertical video introduced on Instagram in June 2018 but now Instagram is supporting both vertical and horizontal videos on IGTV.

This video channel is available from Instagram itself or even as a standalone application.

The videos are longer than those on the stories. Users can make videos that are 10 minutes long.

The verified users (the users who have a blue tick next to their usernames) can make IGTV videos up to an hour-long.

It has taken a while for the users on Instagram to adapt to the IGTV videos.

It is because there are high time and cost investments required to make such long social videos.

To improve this and the usage of the feature, Instagram introduced a sub-feature.

The users could publish a minute-long preview on the feed itself.

This helped increase the usage of the IGTV feature.

The brands now can attract the customer’s attention without leaving the Instagram application.


How to Use IGTV in Few Simple Steps

How to Use IGTV is a question asked by many individuals.

It is a natural process, and the steps are as follows:

1. Create a channel to post the IGTV videos. You have to put the same privacy settings and bio as your own Instagram account.

2. In the Instagram app, you have to tap the IGTV logo on the home feed page.

IGTV User Guide

3. There will appear a gear icon on the right-hand side of the screen. You have to tap it.

IGTV Tutorials

4. It will then give you an option to either “Create Channel” or “Cancel.”

How to Create a Channel on IGTV

5. There will be prompts provided on the screen that will guide you to complete the process.

6. On the IGTV app, the same steps have to be followed (Step 2 – Step 5)

7. On the web on, the IGTV icon has to be clicked, and the on-screen instructions have to be followed.

This is the process as to how to use IGTV.

The steps have to be followed by the user, and they will be successful.


Uploading an IGTV Video

After the user learns the steps regarding how to use IGTV, they can learn how to upload an IGTV video.


1. From Instagram and the IGTV App:

  • Tap the IGTV logo on your feed.
  • Then tap the profile photo used for the channel you created to post the IGTV videos.
  • The next step is to tap the “+” sign and after that, the “Next” icon.
  • Just like how you add a description for a post, you add one for the video as well.
  • Share a one-minute preview to increase views and arrangements. It allows the viewers to tap the “Keep Watching” option to continue watching the IGTV video. You cannot edit this later. Hence it is the only chance the individual has to post a preview.
  • The photo which is on the cover should be decided as per the aesthetic of the Instagram account so that it can depict whatever the video entails.
  • After it has been customized as per the requirements, it can be posted on to the channel.


2. From the Web on

    • Click IGTV on your profile.
    • Click the “Upload” icon on the screen.

How to Upload Video in IGTV

  • Add the video, description, and title.
  • A preview can be posted to your Instagram feed and can also be shared with the Facebook page connected.


IGTV Video Specifications:

IGTV Video Specifications

Users may learn how to use IGTV and how to upload the videos as well, but there are precise specifications required to be filled by the video.

It will allow the video to be uploaded without any snags in the process. They are as follows:

  • The file format – MP4
  • Vertical Aspect Ratio – 16:9
  • Minimum Resolution – 720 pixels
  • Cover Photo Size – 1:55 ratio (420 pixels * 654 pixels)
  • For videos up to 10 minutes long the maximum file size is 650 MB
  • For videos up to 60 minutes long the maximum file size is 3.6 GB
  • The minimum frame rate is 30 frames per second



The main reason that IGTV is preferred to view videos nowadays is that there are no commercials or advertisements.

It allows the users to watch the entire video without any disruptions, which are highly appreciated.

The viewers tend to lose interest due to a break from advertisements.

It works in favor of IGTV videos.

These videos also stick around in comparison to those on the Instagram stories.

It has a way of being embedded in your memory as it is lengthier than a little 10-second video.

The videos have been optimized in a way to be available on a phone screen, as well.

The users can upload videos quickly, as well.

They can watch the videos in the vertical frame itself and do not need to switch it to a horizontal position.

Instagram has a broad audience of 1 billion users, so it will take a short while for the IGTV videos feature to gain extreme popularity.

With the correct use of Hashtags and by keeping in mind the metrics of Instagram, the IGTV videos can be a pretty massive success for brands and e-commerce owners.

It allows them to keep the goals and objectives in mind and work towards higher and better promotions and views.


Ways to Promote IGTV Videos

  • Those who upload the video can use cross-promotion as a tactic to increase views. The users can be informed on other social networking sites. You can have a preview on the feed, the “Keep Watching’ feature, and the ability to share the video to Facebook.

  • The sound can be turned off while watching the video without turning the phone volume off with the help of the “sound off” option. Ensure that people can understand the video without any sound, as well.

  • Critical information must be included in the first 15 seconds – 1 minute of the IGTV video. You need to make sure that you are not beating around the bush in the beginning. Viewers decide if they want to see the video or not in the very beginning. Thus, it is important to make a good impression at the start of the video itself.

  • Use colors, fonts, and themes which go with the brand you are promoting.

  • Make use of your old content to promote your brand on IGTV. You must have already created some files on Facebook, YouTube or other media that promote your brand. You can find a wider and fresher audience on IGTV. Use the right hashtags to create a new viewer base on IGTV through your old videos.

  • Cover interesting events such as social gatherings, industry trade shows, and speaking engagements. This content doesn’t require many promotion tactics. It is original and already compelling. All you have to do is create good videos.

  • Create tutorial videos on subjects related to your brand. This will attract a number of people to what you are promoting and create a loyal fan base. Tutorial videos help people realize the numerous ways in which your product is beneficial and significant enough to make a purchase.


How to Take Advantage of IGTV

There are some brands that have used IGTV to its fullest.

These brands have come up with new tactics to appeal to the audience and surprise us with great content.

Learning a lesson from these brands, let us discuss some ways in which we can take advantage of IGTV for our brand promotion.


1) Get Weird

Not too long ago, Netflix used a very interesting video of the Hollywood star Cole Sprouse to reach out to its audience.

The video was an hour long and showed Sprouse eating a burger.

The content was very funny and never seen before.

Although people found it strange, the video received over a million views.

One thing to learn from this is that there is no right way to create content on Instagram.

There are a number of things that you can try and experiment with.

Do not be afraid to check out what your audience likes and add some kink to it.

Instagram openly accepts anything new and innovative.


2) Don’t Be Afraid of Lengthy Videos

Videos on Instagram posts can’t be very lengthy.

But this is not a constraint on its IGTV.

When it was debuting, Bacardi created a lengthy music video that was “directed by its fans”.

The brand collaborated with the famous musician DJ A-Track and the dancers Les Twins to create this video.

Fans absolutely loved this creation.

It did not matter that the video was lengthy! Since the content throughout the video was well created, the audience stuck throughout.

You can also use music, dance, and art to create some wonderful videos.

It is important to catch the attention of your audience and there is no better way to do so.


3) Tell Compelling Stories

This was an easy tactic that Warby Parker availed of.

The Wearing Warby campaign was extended to Instagram with the help of author Marley Davis and food bluffer Molly Yeh.

The two celebs came from two completely different fields and explained their liking for Warby Parker.

It is important to use engaging ways to connect with your audience.

You can use the help of genuine people, who already have a viewer base to expand your brand reach.

Stories, experiences, and characters are a wonderful way to create some good content.


4) Exclusive Content

You don’t always want to create something that has already set a trend.

Sometimes you need to focus on creating a new wave of an online phenomenon.

Experiment with content; share your brand stories and experiences.

Let your audience know what is happening backstage- this will make them feel involved and will extend your family.

This example was used well by Louis Vuitton.

Only this year they broadcasted their Men’s Spring Summer fashion show on Instagram.

The videos were available in parts on IGTV and became some of the most loved fashion clips online.

The brand also shared backstage work and made sure that the audience felt like a part of the Vuitton family.


5) Create Something New

West Elm is one of the most famous interior designing brands on IGTV.

This is mainly because they keep coming up with design breakthroughs and ideas.

People love to watch their IGTV videos whenever they’re looking to innovate and add something new to their homes.

Thus it is important to create content which is new and informative.

You need to have a robust video strategy and create videos that are of real value to the users.

Tutorials, DIYs and similar content always receive positive feedback from the audience.

At the same time, you need to continuously create something new and interesting to keep your viewers interested in the long run.


Points to Remember While Using IGTV


1) IGTV is More Like YouTube Than Netflix

You can upload videos on IGTV that are up to an hour-long.

However, this does not mean that you have the freedom to use it as a substitute for shows’ sites like Netflix.

You have to focus on creating content which is directed towards product use and significance.

You cannot share lengthy, irrelevant content via IGTV.

If you do this, you might lose your audience.


2) Vertical Videos are Preferred

IGTV supports both horizontal and vertical frames.

However, it was originally created for vertical videos.

This means that vertical videos will be easier and better to watch on this platform.

Until Instagram comes for a new feature for horizontal videos, it would be best to create videos that are vertical.


3) You can Add Multiple Links

If you are wondering how to drive more traffic to your website, then IGTV has a solution.

It is possible to add a number of links to the description of your video.

This means more people can follow up on your website if they view your content.

You can easily open the links to IGTV videos on your PC and laptop too!


Wrapping It Up!

IGTV is a useful tool and should be tried out if not done already.

It is helpful if you have a large following base and the content you put out highly comprises of a lot of videos.

You can use it for various marketing, advertising, informational, educational, inspirational avenues.

If used correctly, it will increase the image of the brand and improve their following count as well.

Brands have been using the feature in promoting their services and products.

Educational organizations, food networks, travel blogs, online streaming websites, etc. use IGTV videos to showcase the contents of the page.

It allows them to connect with the viewers faster.

It may also increase the page visits and change a viewer into a subscriber and user.

How important do you consider the role of IGTV for growing your brand on the web?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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