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How to Use Reddit to Grow Your Business in 2020

How to Use Reddit

In today’s post, I’m going to tell you about how to use Reddit to grow your business in 2020 & take it to the next level by using this social media platform.

As business owners and entrepreneurs look forward to growing their companies, they take social media marketing into consideration.

As a result of this, they often refer to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat & Pinterest.

However, there is one social media platform that is quite underrated even after having a track record that can quickly help you expand your business exponentially and that social media platform is Reddit.

I’m sure a lot of marketers & advertisers must have heard about this platform before but there are only a few of them who are actually using it optimally to make business profits.


This post includes:

  • A Thorough Understanding of Reddit
  • How Reddit Works
  • How to Post on Reddit
  • Tips About How to Use Reddit to Grow Your Business


So, are you ready to learn all about Reddit & make the most of it?


Let’s get started.


What is Reddit?

Reddit is a user-created social news advertising platform referred to as the front page of the Internet.

It’s a wink to the front page of the newspaper, where you’ll find the most vital information for the day.

Essentially, It is a massive set of forums on almost every issue you can think of, and niches on the subject, too.

What is Reddit

People exchange tips, thoughts, memories, insights, news – whatever they want.

They even comment or react to other people’s messages.

A lot of people share links, too, on Reddit and if a link makes its way to a popular Reddit page, it can get sufficient attention.

Used correctly, with proper observation, It can be the most promising platform for any marketer.


How Reddit Works?

Since you’ve been a little more familiar with what Reddit is, I’m going to tell you how Reddit works.

It’s time you know the things you’d need to make sure you’re able to use the platform in the right way.

(i) Subreddits

Reddit has over a million communities called subreddits, each devoted to a different topic.

They are simply only category boards that are mostly used for a certain form of post, so they have a heavy emphasis on such posts only.

To grasp what Reddit is, reaching into the subreddits is necessary.

Such subreddits will allow you to subscribe to the stuff you need to do to build your Reddit homepage.

You can quickly access the content that is designed for you.

(ii) Voting

There are up and down arrows and a number next to a post or article.

People use up and down arrows to up and downvote posts and the number adjusts accordingly, accounting for the overall amount of up and downvotes.

Upvoting may increase the visibility of the post, while downvoting may decrease the visibility of the post.

(iii) Reddit Karma

Reddit Karma has two different flavors and both are comments and posts.

Well, the post Karma is something that can be described as the normal score you have on Reddit.

You’ll be able to use this ranking to see just how many times people have upvoted all the posts you’ve submitted on the Reddit site.

Now, the Karma update is something that can calculate upvotes on the comments you’ve made in the thread.

The Karma in Reddit does not really have any effect on the use of the framework.

But there are some users who evaluate any position on the grounds of the Karma score.

(iv) Reddit Gold

Reddit Gold is a paid version of Reddit.

Through your premium account, you can send gold to other Reddit users as an incentive for successful posting or just because you like it.

Gold giving is a long-standing tradition in the Reddit community as a way of expressing “good work” when someone gives an especially informative comment or humorous message.

Reddit Gold is a dominant factor, offered in threads irrespective of whether the subject matter is terrible, touching, or hysteric.

The only thing that matters when Gold is issued is the consistency of the posting.


How to Post on Reddit?

How to Post on Reddit

Click on the “Create Post” Button.

You will find 3 options there, to upload a post, an image or video, or a link.


  • If you want to upload a post, you are required to enter a title & a text.
  • To post an image or a video, you need to upload the same from your system along with a title.
  • For sharing a link, you will have to enter the title in the title bar and the link in the text section.


Click on either “Save Draft” or directly “Post” on Reddit.


How to Use Reddit to Grow Your Business?

How to Use Reddit for Marketing

1. Target Subreddits Where Your Target Audience Comes Together

Reddit operates in the same manner as the online forum, with thousands of “subreddit” discussion boards merging to create the Reddit community.

Subreddits are forums devoted to the topic, concept, or random question.

Skilled small business owners & marketers can use these subreddits to their benefit.

Depending on your corporation, you can target customers and buyer people that are already self-selected in subreddit communities.

With a little work, you can definitely find a community of people who are interested in what your company would offer.

This will save you money from your marketing budget and encourage you to prioritize your campaigns.


2. Create Your Content Accurately

If you understand how Reddit operates, you can start adding content that will help raise awareness and inform your consumers about your company.

This can be tricky for some advertisers, as Reddit users seem to be brutal at times for marketers.

Promoting your business straightaway & outright can lead to downvotes.

This will result in the bouncing back of your target audience.

Alternatively, focus on delivering useful information and building confidence within the Reddit community.

Any small business owners give a free demo of their product or service.

Others take them to their website or YouTube channel to provide more information on the subject.

The key to getting popular on Reddit is to focus on customer problems rather than self-promotion.


3. Carefully Listen to What Your Customers are Saying

On Reddit, brands should pay attention to what customers say irrespective of both good and bad.

It is a place where you can air complaints and compare notes with other customers, and this is where your customers can discuss your company.

Basically, you will get a clear view with input from the customer.

This can help you in improving & revamping your existing strategies.


4. Encourage Incentive Engagement

Encouraging participation is not about conning people into engaging with you or the group.

It’s about inspiring people who have something to say to finally say something.

Run a competition, explain that you are performing market research, and need input or crowdfund ideas for your next product.

In exchange, give Reddit Coins or exclusive coupon code.


5. Conduct Ask Me Anything

Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions are great for famous individuals, such as actors, influencers, reporters, and CEOs.

Essentially, someone who wishes to speak to people will be running an AMA.

If your business is not well recognized yet, or your executives or employees are not well recognized, work with an influencer who will talk on behalf of your brand and discuss how they are associated with your product.

You certainly don’t need to host AMAs on your own subreddit.

They can be carried in a wider subreddit that contains the audience.

Not only can you meet more customers, but you will be introduced to those who haven’t heard about you or your business yet.


6. Use Links in Your Posts & Comments

Although you don’t want to pressure users to follow websites or force them into “buy this” ads, you can certainly connect to content or items that users may find useful.

After referencing something, you can just say, “Know more here,” and then include a link.


7. Advertise with Promoted Posts

While your message needs to be community-focused rather than promotional, you can still pay for advertising to promote your posts and let more people see your content.

By promoting a post, you will have a higher priority in subreddits, and you can also target a post to a specific user group.


Final Thoughts

Reddit is a niche social platform, one that’s quite different from the other sites.

It needs a lot of hands-on effort, and while it can help you develop partnerships with future or existing buyers, it is not always a straight path to make a sale.

However, whether your followers or clients are already on Reddit, you should certainly add it to your marketing campaign.

Using Reddit for business promotion is the best choice for those who don’t want to pay lots of money and want to get good results.

Accept the guidelines and add value.

These are the core principles of success on Reddit.


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